Only three left!!!

Only three figures left!!!!!!!! Picture evidence:


I’ve enjoyed working on it, but I will be very happy to finish it all the same.

I’ve also received a few requests for the pattern link on Stitch Maynia, and though I searched high and low for a couple days on Sprite Stitch (the forums where I found this pattern before) I cannot, for the life of me, find the pdf on there anymore. So because this pattern was free, and because I really cannot find the original link anymore, I’m linking it here: minimalprincesses for now.

As you know, I’ve only worked on one project this month. So there are no other cross stitch pictures this week, but I do have two kitten pictures! Can you believe they’ll be a year old next month?!



So until next time, Happy Stitching!


Woah, we’re half way there! Woah-oh!

Music nerd moment over lol. I’m actually more than halfway there. I’ve finished row three on the Disney Minimal Princesses, and have two more rows to go:


Looking good! Next up is Nani and Lilo.

While I didn’t work on any other projects, I did make some new patterns. They range in theme from Harry Potter, to Walking Dead, to Edgar Allan Poe, and Beetlejuice. Why did I make these? Because I wanted to put them up for sale in my shop. That’s right! My Etsy shop is back! And so I have a request for you, dear reader. Would you be willing to test stitch a pattern or two (or all, if that’s your thing)? I can’t pay you at this time, but I can offer you a free copy of the finished pattern if I make any changes to it. Here’s what I have:

work sample

I know some of the words are impossible to read, but if you want to know what anything says, or what inspired the image, just let me know.

Now all that’s left is kitten pictures:



So until next time, Happy Stitching!

11 down, 19 more to go

I’ve done 11 figures so far on this Disney project. I also started Jasmine’s hair this morning. These go by really quickly, and are pretty fun to stitch, but let’s be honest. I want to finish this so I can go to the next project lol. I do a figure a day, usually with plenty of time left over for other things. Anyways, here’s this week’s picture:


What are those other things, you may wonder… Well, on Wednesday, I was finally able to go to my nearest Joann Fabrics (75 miles away, so I really don’t go often) and picked up 92 skeins of DMC on the last day of the ‘4 for $1’ sale! 92!!!! It took me until last night to bobbinate and sort all that floss, while still keeping up with my stitching. That means I’m only about 60~ skeins away from having a full set of DMC. Woo! lol

On Thursday, I went to a local thrift store and found an old Fantasy-themed pattern book, and an MCG Textiles afgan still in the package though there were holes in the plastic, so there are a few stains in the blanket. Drats. But hey, the shop owner gave it to me for free because of it, so that’s good.

That’s about it, so now I shall share some adorable kitten pictures!



Until next time, Happy Stitching!

I am on a roll!

Guys. Guys! GUYS! I finished two more projects this week! The first one is one you already know about. Jake and Kaya. The only thing is, with the colors and what not, I thought it looked good without being fully stitched, so I stopped after just a couple more colors than what you last saw it at:


The next day I started and finished a new project! I call it ‘said the spider’ and I think it looks pretty cool. I’m making a short series of patterns based off the poem ‘The spider and the fly’ and I altered the one you’re about to see, to have the correct quote. Eventually, I’ll do them all. So here’s this one:


Then I started a new project. This one is called ‘Minimalist Disney Princesses’ and can be found on the spritestitch forums. Here’s my progress:


So now….Kitties!


That’s all for this week. Until next time, Happy Stitching!