Update 2/28/16 (I need better titles)

I finally got most of the thread I needed to finish this project, and to start my new one! Woo! I’m still missing two colors I need for this current project. As I’m writing this, I have about half of the black stitches done. It’s a long haul on this thing, and kinda boring now that it’s just hundreds upon hundreds of black stitches. At least it’s looking great. But don’t take my word for it, look for yourself!



That’s all for now.

Until the next update- Happy Stitching!


Project update 2/22/16

Okay, so I worked on that corset I mentioned in the previous post, and I have to say it was complete and utter failure. It failed so badly, I refused to even take a picture of it. I’m thinking I may need to just purchase a pattern for this thing. Oh well.


In better news, I managed to get a little more black embroidery floss, and used that on the main cross stitch I’m working on. I should be getting all the colors I need this week, so hopefully it will be finished soon. Here’s the new picture:


I’ve also been working on a smaller project, made of fairly small images on a long strip of Aida cloth. Here’s the progress so far:


Until then, happy stitching!

Current Projects 2/14/2016

So the cross stitch project is on hold for now until I can get more thread. I’m completely out of black, and I’m still missing about 6 other colors. Here’s what it looks like for now:


In the mean time, I found lots of blue fabric at a local thrift store, and have decided to sew my own Princess Aurora costume! I have a ridiculously large chest, so in order to keep the shoulders more like in the cartoon, I’m going to make a corset to help lift and keep everything in place without the use of bra straps. That means an over-bust corset with cups. Here’s the first half of the pattern I made for said corset:


You may be able to see some pencil lines that go from ‘side 2’ up to ‘center 1’. That’s where I’m going to cut and shape the fabric, leaving a nice rounded shape for the cups. I’ve drawn the whole corset, top and all, in case I want to eventually make another one without cups.

That’s it for now! Happy stitching!


Current Project 2/8/16

What am I working on right now? An attempt at a photo-realistic cross stitch image of the Deutchrock band Frei.Wild‘s lead singer Philipp Burger. This is a first for me on a few levels. 1) This is the first time I’ve tried to recreate a real person’s face. 2) My first time using a grid on my fabric, and 3) This is my first time working entirely in blocks of color, instead of just trying to fill in one or two square on the pattern grid.


I’ve been at this thing for about 2 weeks now, and I’m surprisingly close to being finished. Much of the open spaces in picture below will be filled in with two background colors: black and dark purple. Hopefully I’ll finish this piece by the end of the month!

Philip cross stitch

Finished Cross Stitch Projects

Here are some finished cross stitch projects from the last two years. Enjoy!


Celtic Cross

This is the first one I had done in many years, from a kit I got at JoAnn’s Fabrics.


Saw eye

This is from a pattern I created myself from the ‘advanced’ pattern maker on myphotostitch.com The image is based off of a promo picture for one of the Saw movies, and it took me around six months to stitch.

The Castle

Sorry for the slightly blurry photo of this one. The pattern is called ‘The Castle’ from Dreamscape, designed by Teresa Wentzler and I got from a thrift store. It took me a little over a year to stitch, but was very much worth it. It’s very colorful and detailed.


Next up we have this little guy. I found the pattern on Penterest, and stitched it up in a day.


This is another Pinterest pattern, inspired by the TV show Firefly. I stitched this one in a couple weeks.

Beauy and the Beast

Lastly, we have this little wonder. I created the pattern from a photo I found online, using the ‘advanced’ pattern maker on myphotostitch.com, and it took me 6 months to stitch. The orange doesn’t look as prominent in person as it does in the photo, and it’s one of my favorite projects so far because it was a Christmas gift for a friend who’s favorite Disney Princess is Belle.


Those are all the finished projects so far. Hope you enjoyed looking at them!

Let’s introduce ourselves

Well, at least let me introduce myself. My name is Amber, and I have a crafting obsession. I enjoy knitting, crocheting, spinning, tatting, sewing, and cross stitch. Currently most of my work is cross stitch, but I love doing other crafts as well.

My aim to update this blog at least once a week with pictures and written posts about my projects, and crafty things I find interesting and hopefully you’ll enjoy visiting here.


Thanks for reading!