So close I can almost taste it.

Okay guys. I only worked on two projects this week, but I’ve had enough progress on those two projects that I’m close to finishing them.

First, the Disney one:


Second, my little sister’s present:


I can’t wait to get the present done so I can send it off and work on other things!

All that’s left is….. Kitten pictures!!!! Spooky does not look amused in hers lol





That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


Work, work, work

Hey everyone! I got some progress done on the big Disney project. I still have a huge amount of one shade of blue to put in, along with a few other colors, but I’m getting close!


I’ve also made a bit of progress on the ornament. I’m thinking once I finish this one, I’ll just try to do smaller ones for now.


I’ve also did a LOT on the crest. Only a couple more colors to go!


Lastly for the projects, I got a tiny bit one on Mickey’s robe:


So that’s this week’s progress. I feel a little behind, but I’m actually right on target with most of this stuff.

To end this post, as always, a kitten picture or two!



So until next time, Happy Stitching!

An abundance of projects

Note: I don’t know how this wasn’t published before, but it’s here now. This is from November 6th, 2016


Hey guys! Okay, first of all, I’ve done a decent amount of work on the main Disney project:


I’ve even done more on Mickey:



I just haven’t done anything with the ornaments. I know. For shame lol. I really do need to make sure I’ve done at least 3 ornaments by the end of the month.

In place of the ornaments . . . I started working on Christmas presents! Okay, I’ve started working on ONE Christmas present, but still, it’s progress, and this one is super fast, so I’ll have it done by next week. This is one for my dad:


Next I’ll work on a Ravenclaw House Crest patch for my little sister, and possibly a few other things for other people.

And now, a kitten picture!


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

A finish and a new start

First thing first, I’ve made some good progress on the mega Disney pattern.


I’m well on my way to finishing it before the end of the month!


Second, a finish! I finished and framed my dad’s Christmas present:



Thirdly, I’ve made good progress on Mickey. I’ve finished all the back stitching for the areas that have been stitched. I just need to do his robes, his legs, feet, and the ground.


I’ve also made progress on the one ornament I’ve started lol. I seriously need to find more yarn in appropriate colors:


It’s actually really fast stitching, it’s just a matter of not being bored, and having all the colors I need.


Anyways, here’s my new start. It’s a Christmas present for my little sister!


Lastly, Kitten pictures!!!!




Loot at those cuddle bugs! Look at them! lol


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!