Looking good!

So the only project I’ve been working on is Jake and Kaya. I’ve done a decent amount, and it looks good! I’ve had to order 12 different colors to be able to finish it (and they still aren’t here yet. Dang it!) but I have finished three colors so far. Here’s the picture:


I haven’t worked on anything else but I can’t wait to start the next project in a few days!

So with no other progress pictures, on to the kitten ones!



That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


Another finish! Yay!

On Thursday, I finished Pixel Elsa! I didn’t like how dark pink her skin was, so I painted over it in a light, thin coat of white because, hey, she’s supposed to be pale, and I didn’t feel like taking out the stitches and replacing it with something else lol. So here’s that picture (it’s more pale and less patchy looking in person):


I also made a LOT of progress on Jake and Kaya! You know how last week you could barely tell Kaya was a person? Well, I’ve finished all the black on her from this page, and am working on Jake now. The picture evidence:


Also, I have….um…. added four more projects to my to-do list…. lol

One of them is a sort of birth-sampler thing for a friend. At the very least, it’s a present for her, her husband, and the soon-to-be kid. I love both of them, and have been friends since high school. They are both total nerds lol. I’m talking, they had a light saber duel during their wedding reception (yet another reason why I love them) so I found a picture online, and turned it into a pattern. It says ‘I am a Jedi like my father before me, unless Hogwarts send my letter like my mother’ and shows a light saber and a wand. I might start that one next month, just to make sure I get it done and sent to them in time. The other three are ones I found on this French website (here’s the link) that I really like. She has a ton of free patterns. I chose Erin, Kaede, and Miss Pussycat.

And now, kitten pictures:



That’s all for now, so until next time, Happy Stitching!

I have a finish!

Interesting thing happened after I posted my blog last week . . . The power went out for two days. It didn’t come back on until about 11 pm Monday. Because of the low lighting levels, I couldn’t get as much work done as I had hoped, but I did do quiet a bit!

My main project on Sunday and Monday was the portrait of Kaya and Jake. I got a bit more of Kaya’s hair done:


On Monday the postal service actually delivered the mail (that’s a big surprise here, considering it was a county-wide blackout) which had my two new patterns from 123 stitch, so I started ‘Pirate’s Creed’ that evening. I was only able to stitch the word ‘beatings’ before it was too difficult to see, but I kept on for the next few days, and FINISHED the piece on Friday! And I do mean FFO! Spooky ‘helped’ frame it by sitting on the back of it as I was pushing the nails back down lol:


After the power came back on, I was able to do a bit more work on Pixel Elsa, but most of my attention was on ‘Pirate’s Creed’ until Friday night. Yesterday I did manage to get most of her dress done, though:


It looks kind of strange at the moment, but I’m hoping it will look better once it’s finished.

Anyways, Kitten Pictures! Crookshanks is so freaking big now! And Spooky has been extra cuddly lately.



That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Am I crazy? I might be crazy.

Hey everyone! I think I might be crazy. ‘Why?’ You ask? Because I plan to start AND finish twenty one (that’s 21) projects this year. Yes, you read that correctly, TWENTY ONE projects. Not including the big Disney one. I’ve already started two of them, which I will show you a little further down the page. Also, I’ve made my first order from 123stitch.com! I’ll tell you about that in a minute as well.

So, the Big Disney project: I made a little progress on what is supposed to be Fawna the Good Fairy, who for some reason is mostly blue. I also put a little more gold into Cinderella’s hair at the bottom.


One of the new starts is the one I told you about last week. It’s a picture of Jake and Kaya of Metal Ass Gaming on youtube. This project is my first attempt at using 24 count fabric, which I am stitching one over one. So far, I’ve only done a bit of Kaya’s hair, but here’s what it looks like today.


I’ve also started yet another new project. This one should be a lot quicker, as it’s about 70×98 stitches, and NOT full coverage. It’s Elsa! In pixel form. I only have part of her her hair done as I’m typing this, so it looks a little weird, but oh well.


That order from 123stitch.com I told you about: I ordered two patterns. One is called “Pirate’s Creed” and says “The beatings will continue until morale improves”. I’m currently dyeing some fabric to use for it. At the moment, it’s mottled yellow, but I’m going to overdye it with tea to make it look more antique:


(Spooky is sitting on the fabric right now. Good thing it’s dry! lol)

The other pattern: “Antique Celtic Sampler”. I love old navigational charts, and those ‘here there be monsters’ kinds of things, and this pattern has both! It actually says that phrase, and it looks like the decorative bits on those old charts. After seeing Lindystitches’ work on it, I knew I had to make it! I don’t have any pictures of the fabric right now, so I’ll post that some other time. The two charts should be in tomorrow (Monday the 8th). I can’t wait! And so I close this blog post with kitten pictures, and my usual sign off:



That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

New year, same me

Hey guys! So this last week has not been great for my stitching. Any time I start to get into working on the big Disney project, I would feel nauseous to the point that I could no longer concentrate on it. Weird. But I did get a bit of work done on it!


I also started and finished a small side project:


And last night I started another project that I didn’t take a picture of. It’s my first attempt on 24 count, and I’m doing it 1 over 1! I’ll get you a picture next week.

As some of you may have noticed, I closed my Etsy shop. This is due to personal reasons, and I have no idea if/when I’ll be able to open it again. It was a tough choice, but it had to be done.

Anyways, here’s a couple kitten pictures:


Yes, that is Spooky’s leg sticking straight up in the air lol


Until next time, Happy Stitching!