More finishes!

Yes! I have more finishes! And I’m almost done with the Dark Shadows series!

Here are two pictures of what I have:


I’ve also been working on more pattern designs, though you’ll have to wait to see those (don’t worry, they’re going to be EPIC!) 


And now for a double dose of cute:



This week’s free pattern is a tribute to the TV show Scrubs (Monday is bongo day!) and the Etsy pattern will be the Wednesday class patter that goes with the Tuesday class pattern. I also have a sale going in my Etsy shop…. half off all fabrics!


That’s it for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!



The cats let me sleep in!

The cats have decided to be nice this morning, and didn’t make me get out of bed super early! I got two extra hours of sleep! I swear it’s like having a baby, the way Crookshanks meows and cries in the morning to be let out of my room.

That said, I have TWO finishes this week! Two!!! First up is Draculaura:


Then I started back into the Dark Shadows patterns from Sue Hillis. Here’s the finished one, right next to the one I’m currently working on:


That’s all in my stitching news. This week’s free pattern is a cute little love note, and the etsy pattern is a scandalous little number you’ll have to see to believe (but only if you’re okay with vulgar subversive things)


I have a question for you this week. What kind of free and paid patterns would you like to see? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Of Ravens and Vampires

Firstly, I started and then finished a project last week! It’s one of the patterns from Sue Hillis’ ‘Dark Shadows’ booklet. I will be doing the other 5 on the same fabric (Fabrics by LJ in the color Chocolate Cherry) that StitchingLis so graciously sent me. Check her out on youtube! Here’s what I have:


Of course I also worked on Draculaura this week. She’s coming along much more quickly now:



As for this week’s two new patterns? The free one is a Nightmare Before Christmas font, and the etsy shop listing is the dreaded Windigo!


That’s all for now! Until next time, Happy stitching!

Witchy Wall Hanging and an adorable vampire

I finished the Apothecary sign! I used some old cotton yarn to braid a border and hanger, then sewed it on. All I need to do is hang it up!


I know, I know! Not that easy to read on camera, but it’s lovely in person! It says:
‘itchy Woman Apothecary
Spells Hexes Potions Brews
Charms and Cures
“Bound to heal what haunts you”


I’ve also started working on Draculaura again!

I even have a plan to finish her before Valentine’s Day (her birthday)


Today’s free pattern is a Disney themed piece, and today’s new shop listing is one you’ve seen on this blog before. It’s the Supernatural piece!


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Almost there

I’m almost finished with a new project! This one is Witchy Woman Apothecary by Foxwood Crossings. If you know my etsy shop, you’ll know why I had to get this one! It’s stitched on Swamp Monster 14 count aida (sold in my shop!) with some basic purple variegated thread, and a Unicorn Tail thread in the color Witchy. Here’s what I have:



It’s much more readable in person. At any rate, just two more lines of text and it’s done!


This week’s free pattern  will be one based on a Walking Dead quote and the new item in my shop will be a brand new piece of hand dyed fabric.

Since I don’t have any more updates for you, I’ll leave you with a new picture of my cats and a fond “Happy Stitching!”



A little late but so worth it.

Why is this post a little later in the day? Why is it worth the wait? Because . . .






That’s really all I have for this week, but there’s a new pattern up on my free patterns page, and I’ll be posting a new listing in my shop today or tomorrow.


Until next time, I’m going to be celebrating this finish. Happy Stitching!

So much metallic!

Hey guys! Happy New Year! 


With so many projects to work on this year, I’ve started one new small one, but I’ve mostly been working on Firefly Fairies.

There’s so much metallic in it! I’m finally at the bottom of Merryweather’s dress and I swear it’s half metallic thread lol. Here’s the picture:


I just started a small, free pattern from Primitive Hare, and if I actually sit down and work on it for more than an hour, I’ll be able to finish it:


I can link you guys the pattern if you want. Just let me know!


While I was purchasing the beads and the missing metallic thread for Firefly Fairies, I managed to pick up a few patterns. They’re mostly small, although one is large but it’s not even close to full coverage, so it shouldn’t take me too long. Here’s Spooky inspecting the goods:



Lastly, I’ve decided to add a new page to my blog. I’ll be adding a new free pattern every week! (okay. let’s face it. It might not be every week. At least I’m going to try). If you have a request for a design you want to see, hit me up and I’ll see what I can do!


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!