Maynia: week one

Hey guys! This is only a partial update, since the full one is on my website. So far in Maynia, I’ve started five projects, and finished two.


The finishes are: Snuggle Demons (a cute little pattern with two ghosts, and a funny saying) and To the Moon and Back (a sweet one from DMC, I made for the boyfriend)


Still to finish: The Lonely Mountain, Cameo, and Enchanted Rose.


Go check out my website (link above) to see the pictures, and read how I’m stitching them.


Paint, and covered in glitter

Firstly, the small update about the cross stitching. I really haven’t done much this week. I know, I know! I’m falling behind schedule!  At least Flitwick is almost half done. Here’s what I’m working on for it now:


Lately, though, I have been working on my clay creations. If you didn’t read the weekly roundup from this past Friday, I’ve been working on some clay ornaments and needle minders. Just yesterday I finished painting up all the poison apple needle minders which have tons of glitter on them!


I’ve made a few shapes, but so far these are the best ones. I’ll be making more as soon as I can get more baking soda for the clay recipe.

That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

A little goes a long way

Okay, I admit I haven’t done much stitching this week. It’s been one of those ‘do as little as possible now to avoid burnout later’ kind of weeks.

That said, I’ve done most of page one on Flitwick. It’s working up pretty fast so far. I’m a little surprised his hair took a little less than 3 yards of the specialty thread. The thread looks awesome, by the way. It’s not as fuzzy stitched up as it is on it’s own, but it makes the hair and beard look kinda soft and fluffy. Anyways, here’s the picture:



I worked on Witch Board a little, too. There’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much border left, it’s insane. I think I might switch it up a little. A thread or two of the border color, and then a thread or two of one of the other colors (like for the sun in one corner, the moon and stars in another, and the bat in the center). Here’s that photo:



For today’s Etsy pattern I’m going to post the Ice Queen dress. I feel like I could improve it a little, but honestly I feel that way about most of my patterns so it’s probably ready to go up.


In other news, Crookshanks turned two yesterday. He celebrated by waking me up early, and getting into trouble. Spooky’s birthday is on the 14th (she will also be turning two).


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Can I get this finished today?

I’ve been working on Evening in The Shire so much this week that I really only have a few hours’ worth of work left on it. The bottom right corner is the only area that needs back stitching now, and I’m excited to finish it. I’m aiming to get it done before tonight’s new episode of The Walking Dead so I don’t get distracted from either one lol



(yeah, I messed up on the left window)

After this is done, I’m thinking of doing a small. Something that should only take a couple days at most to finish before moving on to Witch Board.


That’s really all there is in stitchy updates, but I was thinking of adding something different to my shop soon… This design, actually: 

castle previewFree patterns

At any rate, this week’s etsy pattern is a Golden Girls quote (the older you get the better you get) and this week’s free pattern is ‘I’m a Survivor’ in honor of those who are fighting (or have survived) breast cancer.


That’s all for now. Until next week, Happy Stitching!

Of Ravens and Vampires

Firstly, I started and then finished a project last week! It’s one of the patterns from Sue Hillis’ ‘Dark Shadows’ booklet. I will be doing the other 5 on the same fabric (Fabrics by LJ in the color Chocolate Cherry) that StitchingLis so graciously sent me. Check her out on youtube! Here’s what I have:


Of course I also worked on Draculaura this week. She’s coming along much more quickly now:



As for this week’s two new patterns? The free one is a Nightmare Before Christmas font, and the etsy shop listing is the dreaded Windigo!


That’s all for now! Until next time, Happy stitching!

So much metallic!

Hey guys! Happy New Year! 


With so many projects to work on this year, I’ve started one new small one, but I’ve mostly been working on Firefly Fairies.

There’s so much metallic in it! I’m finally at the bottom of Merryweather’s dress and I swear it’s half metallic thread lol. Here’s the picture:


I just started a small, free pattern from Primitive Hare, and if I actually sit down and work on it for more than an hour, I’ll be able to finish it:


I can link you guys the pattern if you want. Just let me know!


While I was purchasing the beads and the missing metallic thread for Firefly Fairies, I managed to pick up a few patterns. They’re mostly small, although one is large but it’s not even close to full coverage, so it shouldn’t take me too long. Here’s Spooky inspecting the goods:



Lastly, I’ve decided to add a new page to my blog. I’ll be adding a new free pattern every week! (okay. let’s face it. It might not be every week. At least I’m going to try). If you have a request for a design you want to see, hit me up and I’ll see what I can do!


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

And now for another round of backstitching

That’s right! I’ve finished all the cross stitching on Garfield, and only the top layer of backstitching is left!


I’m thinking of turning this one into a pillow. What do you guys think? Would it make a good small pillow?


In other stitchy progress, I worked on Merryweather a bit more. Progress is picking up speed a little bit, but it still seems so slow compared to others I’ve worked on. Heck, it feels slow compared to other parts of it that I’ve worked on. Oh well. Here’s what I have right now:




I’ve also made a list of the patterns I want to work on next year, and I have most of the fabric set aside. I thought I was crazy to want to do 25 projects this year but after blowing past that, I got it in my head to do 56 full finishes next year! Crazy, I know, but 33 of them are small, so I have that going for me lol.


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!