She has a face! He has an eye!

You’ve read that correctly, Fauna has a face! I just need to add her candle, and I’ll be able to move back to Flora to add the metallic threads on her!


Isn’t she lovely? I’m waiting for the Petite Treasure Braid to show up so I can fill in some of the blank spots, but other than that, most of what she’s missing is beads.


Carl has an eye now! I managed to get the thread I was out of, so I finished the section you saw last week. I then filled in the section beneath that, which included his eye, and a whole lot of black.


I’m thinking that when I frame it, I might want to use black backing board, but I’m not sure yet. I still have a long ways to go.

Not much else to report for now. I’ve been thinking about all the designs I want to add to my shop, and started wondering what you guys might want. Any themes you like to stitch? Are there any patterns in particular you want me to make? Leave a comment and let me know!


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


You’ve cat to be kitten me right now

Really? REALLY?! I ran out of one of the four colors of thread used in the Carl project, and I’m almost out of a second. The color I’m out of was the one I needed to finish the row I was working on. Oh well. At least I did two rows this week, and am almost down to his eyes, so that should be a tiny bit more interesting:


(that block of blank area in between the gray and black is where I have to fill in with the missing color)


I did manage to get a good amount done in Firefly Fairies though. More than I thought I would, in fact.


I’m glad to be done with the underside of Fawna’s skirt for now. I’ve ordered all but one of the metallic threads I need (the one I didn’t order was out of stock) so when that comes in, I’ll be able to fill in some of those blank spaces.


In other news, I decided to design a Christmas stocking. The black lines just show the border of the stitching, and won’t be in the pattern itself. I do have to make a few changes, but in general, what do you guys think?

stocking 1 preview

The coupon code from last week is still available for anyone who wants to use it! Check it out if you haven’t already!


Lastly, Spooky pretended to be a slipper yesterday lol:



That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

It’s a long, long road

Folks . . . It’s going to take forever to finish my two main WIPS lol. Seriously. For. Ev. Er. But I’m happy to do it 🙂 I like working on them, and I love seeing more and more of them look like something.


Firefly Fairies Is still kind of slow, but I’m finished with the underside of Fawna’s skirt. At least the top portion of it (I still have a bit to do that’s lower than Merryweather’s shoulders) and once I finish Merryweather’s wand, I can start really working on the coloured part of Fawna’s dress, which will hopefully go fairly fast. Here’s what I have as of this morning:


As for Carl, he’s going a bit slow at the moment as well, but I think I’ll be able to pick up a bit of speed this week. I’m almost to his face! Wooo!!!! When I finally get down there, it will be much more interesting to work on, which is what I’m really looking forward to. As it is, I had to move the hoop, which makes me feel like I’m finally getting some good progress on this thing (it kind of looks like a cartoon face, with black eyes and a huge screaming mouth to me):



My cats decided to be adorable and take a nap together:



And lastly, a little bit about my Etsy shop. In celebration my finally being able to add more hand dyed fabric to my listings (more listings to come soon!) and as a thank you to all of you guys, I’m giving you, my readers, a 10% off coupon for your entire purchase! (minimum $2). Good until September 13th. Just use code CRAFTINGOBSESSION at checkout.


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

I’m drowning in fabric . . . and I like it.

This has been a long week, folks. Stuff has gone down. Like the 12 yards of Aida I got! I’ll show you what I’ve been dying up at the end of this post. More importantly, I’ve been making some great progress on Firefly Fairies, and on Carl.


First up, Firefly Fairies. I’m really not used to working over two, so I’ve made a few mistakes that have made me rip out a fair amount and do over, but that’s okay, because this is new, and I’m learning, and it’s otherwise turning out great! Flora even has a face!



I’m still working on Carl most nights. It’s easier to see that project than others with the low lighting I sometimes I have use. I did finish up the second row, and started in on the third. There’s so much black in here. So. Freaking. Much. lol It’s going to take 4.3 skeins of black DMC to finish this, but it will be worth it!


Lastly for the stitching progress . . . I took out all those beads on Lady of the Lake, and did one length of black in her hair. It’s not much, but it’s something.



Now for the fabric! I’m still not done dyeing the first two yards, but I do have a lot of fabrics to add to my shop when my printer starts working again. Here are just a few pieces:



Nameless here forever more.jpg

I’m having trouble coming up with a name for the piece in the second picture. What does it remind you guys of? The piece in the third picture isn’t quiet as vibrantly blue as it shows, but is still lovely.


Anyways, that’s all for now. So untill next time, Happy Stitching!