Another finish! Yay!

On Thursday, I finished Pixel Elsa! I didn’t like how dark pink her skin was, so I painted over it in a light, thin coat of white because, hey, she’s supposed to be pale, and I didn’t feel like taking out the stitches and replacing it with something else lol. So here’s that picture (it’s more pale and less patchy looking in person):


I also made a LOT of progress on Jake and Kaya! You know how last week you could barely tell Kaya was a person? Well, I’ve finished all the black on her from this page, and am working on Jake now. The picture evidence:


Also, I have….um…. added four more projects to my to-do list…. lol

One of them is a sort of birth-sampler thing for a friend. At the very least, it’s a present for her, her husband, and the soon-to-be kid. I love both of them, and have been friends since high school. They are both total nerds lol. I’m talking, they had a light saber duel during their wedding reception (yet another reason why I love them) so I found a picture online, and turned it into a pattern. It says ‘I am a Jedi like my father before me, unless Hogwarts send my letter like my mother’ and shows a light saber and a wand. I might start that one next month, just to make sure I get it done and sent to them in time. The other three are ones I found on this French website (here’s the link) that I really like. She has a ton of free patterns. I chose Erin, Kaede, and Miss Pussycat.

And now, kitten pictures:



That’s all for now, so until next time, Happy Stitching!


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