Woah, we’re half way there! Woah-oh!

Music nerd moment over lol. I’m actually more than halfway there. I’ve finished row three on the Disney Minimal Princesses, and have two more rows to go:


Looking good! Next up is Nani and Lilo.

While I didn’t work on any other projects, I did make some new patterns. They range in theme from Harry Potter, to Walking Dead, to Edgar Allan Poe, and Beetlejuice. Why did I make these? Because I wanted to put them up for sale in my shop. That’s right! My Etsy shop is back! And so I have a request for you, dear reader. Would you be willing to test stitch a pattern or two (or all, if that’s your thing)? I can’t pay you at this time, but I can offer you a free copy of the finished pattern if I make any changes to it. Here’s what I have:

work sample

I know some of the words are impossible to read, but if you want to know what anything says, or what inspired the image, just let me know.

Now all that’s left is kitten pictures:



So until next time, Happy Stitching!


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