Finally a couple finishes!

Its about time! I feel like I really fell behind at the end of last month, but I managed to scrape by with a 6th finish. While I’m still not working on the Pika Pile, I finished the Ravenclaw crest last week, and will be on the lookout for a nice frame for it:


Not bad, right? I’m sure my little sister will love it.

Yesterday I finished the Deadpool pattern from Sprite Stitch. It turns out the fabric I selected wouldn’t fit the whole thing, so I just did the first page, and it looks great!


While I didn’t work on it past Sunday, I did do a decent amount of filling in on the Pika Pile after my previous post.


Lastly, I started a new project. This one should be fairly short so I can get to working on Draculaura again. It’s one of my own making, and will be included in the ‘Gothic Homemaking’ set, in a line called ‘home sweet home’ where it’s really just a bunch of different fonts, each one saying a ‘creepy’ version of home sweet home. The one I’m stitching right now is ‘crypt sweet crypt’.


It’s being stitched on a bit of fabric I got at the thrift store, and dyed with Denim Blue Rit dye.


That’s all for now, so until next week Happy Stitching


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