So much back stitching, and a slight change in plans

On Sunday, I worked on Wonka, as planned (it’s a jewel toned purple, I swear):


But Monday came with a change of plans. I couldn’t find my black yarn ANYWHERE, so I couldn’t work on Lucille. Oh well.

What did happen is that I managed three finishes! Three! In one week!

First was Pooh Bear (picture was pre-ironing, of course):


Then there was the Boondock Saints Prayer:


Right after I finished that one, I started a side project. My little sister’s birthday is in October, and I wanted to make sure I had her present done way ahead of time, just in case it took longer than expected. I knitted a Quiddich sweater for her in Ravenclaw colors (I finished it a while ago) and decided to use waste canvas to stitch on a small shield on the left front. It’s not my greatest stitching, but it’s not bad for my first time using waste canvas, and stitching on knitted fabric (thanks to Emma’s craft projects blog for the free pattern!):


Since then, I’ve been working on the Ravenclaw Crest (my little sister’s Christmas present):


With four more projects left that I want to finish after this one, I hope I have enough time this month for all of them. If I don’t, no big deal, but I think it would be freaking awesome to know I started and finished ten projects in a month. How did Maynia go for you guys? If you didn’t participate, how did May go for your in general?


That’s all for now. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


2 thoughts on “So much back stitching, and a slight change in plans

  1. I love how your shield turned out! And the bigger one is great 😍 I’m in love with anything ravenclaw really! I might pinch your idea and knit myself a jumper with a stitched shield on it 😊 well done on all the finishes!


    1. Thank you! You made such a great set of patterns, and I might stitch all of them at some point. I would love to see your jumper with a shield if you stitch one! If you want to use the same pattern I did, it’s from Charmed Knits: Projects for fans of Harry Potter.

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