Another finish! And so many more starts.

We are nearing the end of my 15 day Maynia (tomorrow!) and I’m on track to finish 9 or 10 projects for the month!!!!!

Sunday, as I said last week, was the start of the Deadpool project. I did a decent amount there, having about half of Deadpool’s outline, and I did the whole speech bubble, including the word ‘ouchie!’:


Monday I spent most of the day in town because I caught the Matinee of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (such a great movie!) and then was delayed at the store (Pharmacies. They can take a while.) But I did manage to start Draculaura:


Tuesday I went Disney, and started my ‘fancy Elsa’ project:


I did a decent amount on her by the evening, so I decided to go back to Robin Hood, and finish that one up. It’s supposed to say 1,000 Pound reward, but I think The Sheriff took one of the zeros so he could keep a bunch of money for himself:


Wednesday I started my little sister’s Christmas present, the Ravenclaw crest. This one should be another very quick stitch:


Thursday was Pikachu day. I have a few problems with the pattern itself, but otherwise, it’s cute and I like it. It should go fairly fast from here, as I’ve done quite a bit of outlining:


Friday I started Carl. It really doesn’t look like much, but it’s a good sized chunk of black in his hat:


Since I did 6 lengths of black thread on that by the evening, I decided to go back to Pooh Bear and work a bit on that. I finished Piglet and a bit of the background that day:


Saturday was kind of a slow stitching day. I started the Disney Princesses pattern from Sprite Stitch, and only managed a bit of the border, but hey, it looks good:


Today I’m going to start Wonka after I finish this post, so there’s no picture yet, but I’ve decided to stitch it in a nice purple thread on the orange fabric.

Monday is my last day of starts and as I only have one project left, you can probably guess that it’s going to be Lucille the baseball bat. Everything is all ready for it, and I look forward to finishing it up and sewing it onto a pair of sweats.

That’s all the pictures this week. Since there are so many, I’ve decided not to include cat pictures this week, but if you want extra ones next week (as long as there aren’t a whole lot of finish pictures) just let me know!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


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