A finish, a new start, and the anticipation of Maynia

We have a finish! Woooo! On the 27th, I finished Aurora. Now, in person, you can’t really see the backstitching on her hair, so I stopped part-way through. You can see it much better in the picture because I changed the lighting levels a bit. So here she is- the start of a blanket- Aurora!



I promptly started a new project as soon as I was done with her. This one is a mermaid pattern of my own design, and it’s freaking huge lol. I probably won’t get much work done on her in the next 15 days (or 30 days. We’ll have to wait and see how Maynia goes) but here’s what I have as of this morning:



As for Stitch Maynia . . . I have all my fabric and patterns ready. While I don’t know the exact order I’ll be starting them in, I do have the list I’d like to share with you. Some of these patterns can be found on Craftsy if you go through the free patterns or search for keywords, four patterns are from Sprite Stitch, and the rest are of my own making, either by finding a picture I liked online and running it through my pattern making software (tweaking it by hand, of course) or just coming up with my own random thing. The patterns are as follows:

  1. Howling Wolf (craftsy)
  2. Robin Hood Wanted Poster (craftsy)
  3. Pooh Bear (craftsy)
  4. Deadpool drawing ‘Hi, I’m Frances’ (craftsy)
  5. Pika Pile (sprite stitch)
  6. Princess Lea (sprite stitch)
  7. Willy Wonka (found image)
  8. Carl ‘Walking Dead’ (found image)
  9. Lucille ‘Walking Dead’ (found image)
  10. Stitch and Pikachu (found image)
  11. Boondock Saints (sprite stitch)
  12. Disney Princesses (sprite stitch)
  13. Fancy Elsa (found image)
  14. Draculara (found image)
  15. Medium Ravenclaw house crest (no idea where this came from other than a free dropbox thing)

And that’s it. It feels like a lot to work on, but I hope I can get them all done by New Year’s Eve. I know I have to finish the Ravenclaw house crest by November so I can send it to my little sister for Christmas, but other than that, there’s no other hard timeline for individual patterns here. What are your guys’ plans if you’re taking part in Maynia?


As per usual, here are some kitty pictures!




Crookshanks was being a pain and curled up in a box I didn’t want him in lol

Spooky moved her blankets over so she was right next to a trash can.


That’s all for this week. Until next time, Happy Stitching.


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