She has a face! Sort of.

Aurora sort of has a face! She has eyes, eyelashes, and a mouth, but most of the backstitching has yet to be completed. I have to wait until I do more of her hair and her necklace before I can backstitch those areas. I’m actually really close to finishing! Woooo! Here’s this week’s picture:


There are a couple mistakes in my stitching, but oh well. Not everything can be perfect, right? lol

As May first draws ever nearer, I’m finalizing my plans for Stitch Maynia. I’m pretty sure I can finish at least 4 of them the day I start them, which will take a load off my mind lol. I don’t like having too many unfinished pieces! (I say this as I shove that huge Disney project from last year further out of sight) I’m hoping to finish 8 next month, and then I can focus on my larger projects for the rest of the year. I have all my fabric ready, but I’m still missing I think about 30 colors from the DMC line and I don’t know how many of those I would need for the projects I plan to work on. Hopefully I have most of the needed colors.


So anyways, what are your guys’ plans? Are you doing Stitch Maynia? Are you doing something completely different?


To end the post, here’s a two for one kitty picture!



Until next time, Happy Stitching!


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