A finish and a new start

I finished Erin!!!!!! Yay!!!! Good thing too, since I was starting to get bored with her lol. If you don’t recall, she’s free from the Hazel Farm blog. I finished stitching her last night, cut down the canvas, and glued on a red felt backing, with a yarn loop to hang it up (don’t judge. I couldn’t find the box of ribbon lol) So here she is, in all her glory:


Isn’t she lovely? I think so.


Last night, I started a new project. I thought of starting one of my bigger ones, or a few of my smaller ones so I could knock them out ahead of schedule, but then I thought: why not leave them for Stitch Maynia? I could get at least 4 done the days I start them (hopefully more like 8), and make the month go a lot faster. Plus, I wouldn’t leave the month with around 15 WIPS lol. So anyways, I started a project that wasn’t on the list, but that I’ve been wanting to do:


Can you tell what it is? No? lol no worries. It’s Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty, and the fabric is a blanket. It’s from MCG Textiles, and I now know what everyone has been complaining about from them. The weave is very much not even. BUT I will keep using this. The fabric was free, and it’s not a super fancy, or full coverage pattern, so it should work. This is what it will look like when it’s finished:



So that’s it for stitching this week. This week’s kitten photos (or should I say ‘cat’? They’re both one year old now) include Crookshanks curled into a cute, giant fluff ball, and Spooky looking kinda fat lol.



That’s all for now. So until next time, Happy Stitching!


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