Hizzah! A page finish!

On Wednesday, I finished page 6! I then took a two and a half day break from this behemoth and  worked on another project. But first, a picture of the finished page, as well as what little work I did yesterday on this piece:


Secondly, the new project I started. The pattern is Sorcerer Mickey (Fantasia) from a pattern book from the 80’s. I did most of the gold metallic thread over two days, not working for long each time (Kreinek is evil lol). The gold and soon to be added silver stitches are the magic arching around Mickey. Here’s the picture:


As for the blanket… I have temporarily lost interest lol so no progress on that.

However, I do have kitten pictures!



Spooky is actually getting big! She’s still small, but, she’s a lot bigger than when I got her. Crookshanks is huge! Though he can curl up into a tiny, cute ball sometimes lol


That’s all for now, so until next time, Happy Stitching!


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