Progress and adorable kittens

First thing first, the cross stitch. Here’s the picture as of this morning:


It’s not exactly where I’d like it to be, but there’s still hope.


Secondly, KITTENS!

These two are furry little terrors, and I love them so much lol. They love running around, and making messes. Spooky is rather cuddly, but doesn’t much like her picture being taken:



Mrs. Norris is also cuddly, just not as much. She’s kind of okay with her picture being taken:


Looking at her, I know she’s going to be really big when she’s fully grown. More cat to love!

So anyways, that’s it for now. I might start making some things for a trip I’m going to take later this year. More info on that to come. Until next time, Happy Stitching!


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