A finished item, more progress, and . . . kittens?

Okay, first thing first. Cross stitch. I did a fair amount considering the upheaval. Here’s the picture:



If I’ve planned this correctly, (and nothing major happens) I should be done with this page before the end of the month.

Second: That knitting project I finished last week:Ā 100_5794


I’m blocking it as I type. Ā I think it will do well as a kitten blanket once they stop biting and clawing everything in sight.


Third: The kitten cave. They don’t actually use it right now, but maybe they will at some point:



And lastly, the moment you’ve probably been waiting for since reading the title…… KITTENS!

I now have two little bitty kittens. The fluffy one is Mrs. Norris, and the tiny black one is Spooky:



So that’s it. As always, until next time: Happy Stitching!


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